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Types of Sentence Correction Questions

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BooksVerbal Ability Teaser

Choose the word which will best replace the word in BOLD in the following sentence :

Finally to placate the migrants, the state government today announced a grant worth Rs 18 lakh

Choose correct answer:

LogicalReasoning Teaser

Six friends Abhishek,Deepak,Mridul,Pritam,Ranjan and Salil married
within a year in the months of February,April,July,September,November
and Decemeber and in the cities of
Ahmedabad,Bengalaru,Chennai,Delhi,Mumbai and Kolkata,but not necesaary
following the above order.The brides names were
Geetika,Jasmine,Hema,Brinda,Ipsita,and Veena one again no t following
any order.The following are some facts about their weddings.

*  Mridul's weddingtook place in Chennai;however he was not married to Geetika or Veena.
*  Abhishek's wedding took place in Ahmedabad and Ranjan's in Delhi;However neither of them was married to jasmine or Brinda.
*  The wedding in Kolkata took place in February.
*   Hema's wdding took place in Aprilbut not in Ahmedabad .
*  Geetika and Ispita got married in February and November and in Chennai and Kolkata,but not following the above order.
*  Pritam visited Bengaluru and Kolkata only after his marriage in December.
*  Salil was married to Jasmine in September.

Salil's wedding was held in
Choose correct answer:

Student TestimonialsStudent Testimonials

This course helped me improve my english and reasoning skills. I learnt grammar fundamentals using this course and I also understood how to approach & solve reasoning questions.
Trilok, Delhi

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Notice BoardQuantitative Ability Teaser

In practical inventory problems,the total cost (TC) of ordering and carrying the inventory,is expressed as,TC = ,where C is the cost incurred for each order,D is the annual demand for the item,K is the per unit inventory holding cost of the item,and Q is the number of items procured per order.Assuming that C,D and K are constants,the minimum value of TC is:
Choose correct answer:
C x k x D

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