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Types of Sentence Correction Questions

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BooksVerbal Ability Teaser

Her desire for ................ soon became apparent when she adamantly refused to answer questions about her

identity or mission.

Choose correct answer:
None of these

LogicalReasoning Teaser

(i) Arising from poor policing and corruption and destroying the enviromental commons,"illegal" production and marketing of coal is a significant aspect of everyday life in eastern India.
(ii) Representation of illegality hides unpleasant socila realities of the coal mining tract; poor environmental performance of the state-owned mining sector,social disruption and displacement of communities and a general decay in the traditional subsistence base.
(iii) Complex layers of mining laws protect the interest of the disadvantage .

For the above three statements to be consistent
Choose correct answer:
Only statement (i) and (ii) must be true.
Statement (iii) must be true.
Statement (iii) might be true.
Statement (i) and (ii) must be false

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Complete IBPS CWE Bank PO & Clerk Exams Preparation

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Notice BoardQuantitative Ability Teaser

There are three similar boxes, containing (i) 6 black &4 white balls;(ii)3 black &7 white balls and (iii) 5 black &5 white balls,respectively.If you choose one of the three boxes at random and from that particular box pick up a ball at random,and find that to be black, what is the probability that the ball was picked up from the second box?
Choose correct answer:

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This course helped me improve my english and reasoning skills. I learnt grammar fundamentals using this course and I also understood how to approach & solve reasoning questions.
Trilok, Delhi

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